In a simple Will you make specific gifts and also make provisions for the balance of your estate after the specific gifts.  You can save a trip to our office to give us initial instructions by sending us an email (to with the details required below.  Before you proceed, you may want to read the relevant section on Wills in the Law Society’s free e-book which can be downloaded here.  If you are ready to proceed, please copy the template into your email, fill in the required details and send it to us at the above email address or to

If clarification is needed from you, we will contact you at the telephone number provided by you.  We usually take 3 to 5 days to prepare the Will.  However, if you need to execute the Will on a more urgent basis, you can give us a call to make special arrangements for expedited processing.  Once the Will is ready, we will contact you to make arrangements for execution of the Will.

Our fees start from $250.00 for preparing and witnessing execution of the Will.  If you wish to register the Will at the Wills Registry, the registration fee is $50.00.  Registration is not necessary for validity of the Will.  Its just a record at the Registry that you made a Will on a certain date.  No copy of the Will is kept at the Registry.

Please copy the questions below to your email as a guide :

1.  Name, ID No. and address of the testator (i.e. person making the Will)

2.  Name, ID No. and address of the Executor/s 

3.  If there are specific items you want to give to specific persons, please provide a list setting out the description of the item/s, the name/s and ID No/s. of of the beneficiary/ies.

4.  The particulars (name/s and ID no.) of the person or persons to whom you wish to give the balance of your estate after the specific gifts (referred to as “the residuary estate”).   In case where there are no specific gifts, the person or persons named here will receive the full estate

5.  Your name, email and telephone number

If you need clarification on any issue, please contact us at 63230068.