We can assist in applying for Grant of Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) or a Grant of Probate (where there is a Will).  We shall be pleased to give you a competitive quotation for our services if you would send an email to admin@yikkohteo.com with the following information (we suggest you copy and paste the questions below to use as a template in your email) :-

  1. Is the value of the estate more than 3 million?
  2. Is there a Will?
  3. If there is a Will, how many executors are appointed under the Will? 
  4. If there is no Will, are there minor beneficiaries?
  5. If there is no Will, how many persons will be administrators (max 4)? 
  6. If there Is no Will, was the deceased a Singapore Citizen?

Or simply call us at 63230068 with the above information.