A Power of Attorney is an appointment given by a person (the Donor) to another (the Attorney or Donee) whereby the Attorney is granted authority to do certain acts on behalf of the Donor.  It confers on the Donee greater authority than an agency appointment.  Some formal acts, such as the signing of a document under seal (i.e. sign, seal and deliver), can only be authorised by a Power of Attorney.  Hence, a Power of Attorney is often used in buying and selling of property (HDB or private) where the buyer or seller appoints another to execute documents on his or her behalf.  For HDB transactions, a Lessee must appoint an Attorney if he is not able to personally attend to the Management, Subletting, Sale or Purchase of a HDB flat.  The links below contain useful information on Powers of Attorney.

1.    What is required to draw up a HDB Power of Attorney (Submit Online by email)

2.    Lasting Power of Attorney – To act on your behalf in case of unsoundness of mind

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