A Power of Attorney (POA) is required to appoint someone to act for you if you are not able to personally attend to the sale, purchase, subletting or general management of an HDB flat.

You can send us your instructions, on-line, via an email with the details set out below. We suggest that you copy the following lines in blue to your email as a guide.

1. Is the POA for (a) subletting, (b) sale or (c) purchase of HDB property

2. Particulars (Name, ID No. and address) of the person/s giving the POA.

3. Particulars (Name, ID No. and address) of the person/s who will act as attorney.

4. Is/Are the Attorney/s authorised to ask for payment of money in the Attorney/s own name/s

5. Address of the property in respect of which the POA is given6

6. If the POA is for purchase of HDB property, please provide

(a) the HDB Sales Registration No., if available;

(b) if more than one buyer, whether the buyers will hold as joint-tenants or tenants-in-common;

(c) if tenants-in-common, the respective shares for each owner;

(d) whether the purchase is under a special scheme such as SERS.

Explanatory Notes :
A joint-tenant owns an undivided half share in the property. The whole of the property
passes to the other owner if a joint-tenant dies. A tenant-in-common owns a divided fixed
portion of the property. The deceased tenant-in-common’s share in the property passes
to his estate to be distributed to his beneficiaries.

7. The number of years the POA is to be effective (maximum permitted by HDB is 6 years)’

8. Any other information/instructions;

9. Your name, email address and telephone.

If clarification is needed, we will contact you at the telephone number provided by you otherwise we will prepare the document and contact you to come to our office to sign it. Full payment for the service (S$250.00) has to be made at the time of execution. Upon execution, the Power of Attorney will be forwarded to the Supreme Court for registration. The Court usually registers the Power of Attorney within 3 days of submission.

Special arrangements can be made for the Power of Attorney to be executed at a place other than the solicitors office. We can also forward the Power of Attorney for you to execute abroad.

If you need clarification in completing the form, please contact us at 63230068.