A person can change his name by making a declaration.  Such a declaration (commonly referred to as a Deed Poll) is signed sealed and delivered by the person wishing to change his name.  Where the name to be changed is that of a minor child the declaration is made on the minor’s behalf by both of the parents.  The Deed Poll is required by the Singapore Immigration and Registration as evidence of change of name for the issue of a new identity card.  The birth certificate however cannot be amended to the new name.

You can submit to us your instructions for a Deed Poll by sending us an email admin@yikkohteo.com with the details shown in blue below.  We suggest that you copy the lines to your email as a guide.  By using this service you only need to make one trip to our office to execute the form before our solicitors.

If clarification is needed, we will contact you at the telephone number provided by you otherwise we will prepare the Deed Poll and contact you to come to our office to sign it.  Please note that full payment for the service (S$100.00) has to be made at the time of execution.

Please provide :-

1.  The present name, ID No., age and address.
2.  The new name to be assumed.
3.  If there is a change in the Chinese name, please also provide the old and new Chinese name.
4.  If the name change is in respect of a minor child, please provide the names, ID nos., and addresses of both parents.
5.  Any other instructions
6.  Your name, email and telephone number

If you need clarification in completing the form, please contact us at 63230068.